Rossini School
Bilingual State-recognized School
The Rossini School is a school established in 2012. It is located in Portici at Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi No. 197, in a building directly overlooking the sea, with a private garden and indoor parking.
The school welcomes children from 0 to 12 years old and is divided between Nursery, Kindergarten and Paritaria Primary School.
The educational approach is Constructivist: this allows us to overcome the limit of other methodologies which, despite having interesting approaches, when taken individually risk being reduced to simple techniques that nullify their innovative potential.
Constructivism enables conscious and simultaneous action on many of the factors affecting the learning process. It acts as an aggregating and integrating element for pre-existing methodologies, such as discovery learning, active teaching, short teaching, metacognitive teaching, collaborative learning, the use of technology and more. Therefore, the teacher becomes the designer of learning environments, intentionally constructed to allow active and conscious pathways where the student is guided but not directed. The term "environment" is understood in a broad sense. Certainly as physical or virtual places (and related tools), with the resulting arrangement and location of people, but also as a mental place, considering the characteristics of the proposed task, the actions required, relational modes that are stimulated, type of evaluation, teacher′s support, and more broadly the emotional and cognitive climate that characterizes it.
Constructivist teaching doesn′t simplify, but it makes the complexity of reality and its various representations visible, developing learning situations based on real cases, that arouse curiosity for other world views and the ability to raise questions.

The school also boasts an internal educational farm, which serves as a place of education and learning, fostering a climate of curiosity and healthy enjoyment, providing the students with a hands-on experience with nature. Another strength of the school is the English language learning from a young age, which prepares students up to the attainment of "A1 Movers" level in fifth grade (the second examination for young learners) through the Cambridge Assessment English qualifications.
The Cambridge assessment uses tests considered as an international benchmark, ensuring parents the reliability of the feedback they receive through two assessment methods:
  • Cambridge Primary Progression Tests (evaluated by the school);
  • Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (evaluated by Cambridge examiners).
The Cambridge certifications entitle the holder to educational credits both for school and university and they do not have a formal expiry date.
All Cambridge exams refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the international standard for defining language proficiency.
The educational project places students at the center of attention with the aim of providing them with practical training: a school of "know-how" where theory and practical experience alternate and complement each other.
The activity stands out for the skills of the operators and the passion for the work that is passed on to the children. For the children, the school is a second home and their classmates a second family, where they can peacefully live their childhood.
Our teachers, selected for their human qualities, technical abilities, and psychopedagogical skills, respond to the needs of new generations through an innovative methodology that is constantly renewed.
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"No child is lost if he has a teacher who believes in him".
[ Bernhard Bueb ]
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