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Educational planning
Both children and their families are welcome at the nursery school, a place where the children are actively encouraged to take part in playful learning activities. It is a place of exploration, knowledge and creativity where constructive learning is explored, and where children and adults alike can meet, join in, interact and socialise - an opportunity for families to participate in the action.
The Educational Experience
The first school educational experience of the nursery and its different sections addresses the emotional - cognitive and relational needs of the children, whilst assuring the necessary support for their families.
Rossini School caters to children from 6 to 36 months of age, dividing them into sections as follows:
  • Small groups of children from 6 months to 12 months (baby section)
  • ...
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The schooling of the children involves them in an educational plan characterized by three specific methods:
A technique aimed at encouraging and developing language learning. Different themes are suggested to the children by asking them questions. During the school year, the children will develop a hands-on approach to learning with the help of various tools and materials.
Circle time
Together with the teacher the children sit in a circle so that everyone feels equal and there is no separation between the adult and the child, thus creating a friendly sociable atmosphere.
Learning by doing
Learning By Doing is our motto because children learn, experience and develop intelligence with their hands.
To this end, Rossini School promotes the Glenn Doman Method from a very early age. It is a holistic methodology that aims to teach the child to speak, walk and learn numbers and words in a completely natural, spontaneous and fun way, in an effortless way.
This structured educational project, therefore, is designed to stimulate the cognitive abilities in the children to encourage their growth, socialization and harmonious development, and bring out their true potential.
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